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Widevine and DRM addon

Hi guys,

Does wowza have the same integration with widevine like playready? we have a client that would like to use widevine instead of playready for encrypting live and vod streams. What we would like to confirm is if we can have the same control on the ecription using widevine, like for example, the key used to encrypt content in realtime.

If there is no out of the box way of implementing widevine, can you guys point me to how we can inegrate this with wowza in a lower level? Maybe some API that we can use and documentations.



Hi Ferdinand,

We don’t have a guide for and do not have any specific integration with Widevine, but it is my understanding that Widevine will work with Wowza; and I don’t have any customer or personal experience to lend, and my understanding goes back to the Wowza 1x timeframe, but is still true as far as I know. Widevine may have some guidance on how to do that.


Hi Ferdinand,

All I have is reports that it can work. I don’t know of any tests done with Widevine though I’m sure there have been tests by Widevine/Wowza customers, but I don’t think there was any by us. My information comes from Wowza Marketing in 2010, but as far as I know it can still work.

This 2010 post has comments from Alex Dobrushin (Wowza Marketing) and Glenn Morten (Widevine CTO) with contact info.


I too am not familiar of the workflow required by widevine. How was the test with wowza and widevine? were you encrypting the stream from wowza or was the input stream already encrypted when it enters wowza and wowza is just packaging it?