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Will the ClearCaster support h.265?

Marketing page says that the ClearCaster is “h.265 ready” what does this mean in reality?

Also, the rack ears on my unit are a bit short on the width. I had to shim them to fit into the rack properly

Hi @Roger Suski,

The ClearCaster capabilities vs Facebook capabilities can vary due to what the hardware appliance supports vs. what Facebook supports. We actually have h.265 encoding enabled today via a private preview for non Facebook broadcasting from the ClearCaster appliance. So the product is very much “ready” for this type of workflow, but it is not enabled as Facebook does not support h.265 workflows.

If Facebook changes its capabilities, then certainly we will be ready. Or alternatively, if the ClearCaster enables publishing to other destinations, then h.265 could be supported.


The ClearCaster does currently support publishing to the WSC, so the question remains. You’ve indicated that the workflow is in limited release. Can I expect to do h.265 to the Wowza Streaming Cloud?

This workflow is in a private preview and it is possible.

Can we broadcast to wowza streaming engine in h.265 as well?

Hello Alan,

At the present time, you cannot broadcast from a ClearCaster to Wowza Streaming Engine.

We do plan on offering this option in the future at some point but no specific date is currently available.


Jason Hatchett
Wowza ClearCaster Support