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Will Wowza Streaming Cloud support DVR

Will Wowza Streaming Cloud support DVR at some time in the future, and is there an time estimate for it?

Hello Jimmy,

DVR within the Wowza Cloud platform is on the roadmap for development, however, the Product Management team has not established a timeline for development or release.

I hope this clarifies.




Any news on DVR within the Wowza cloud?

Hello Mac Hill,

Any news on development voor DVR on Wowza Cloud? Would be a very nice and good option.

Best Eddie

Hi Eddie,

DVR is still on the roadmap for Wowza Streaming Cloud, however a timeline is still not available for this features addition.

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Yes this Cloud now supports DVR @Ilija Dugonjic! But, it will not work with Wowza Player.

Here is the updated documentation for you:

Any news regarding this question?