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This thread is a continuation of this one:

We released v2.2 today with more updates coming soon.

We have an update to Willow out today that adds the ability to modify HTTP Providers in the virtual host with just a few clicks. HTTP Providers are a really handy way to talk to Wowza over HTTP to interact with an application, check stats, get information and just about anything else you can imagine when needing to communicate to Wowza. Each VHost has the ability to setup multiple host ports (ip numbers and ports) and then each host port can have a bunch of HTTP Providers. Essentially allowing you to setup ones for maybe admin only on a specific port and then general usage ones on port 80 maybe.

We also moved the connection tester to the new “Developer Tools” area and took it out of the “Server Management” area and when XML files are updated, we keep a backup of them. Just in case.

We have lots of new ideas coming up and lots coming in as well, thank you to all that have helped contribute to Willow and assisted in making it what it is today and will be in the future.

Willow has been updated to version 2.4 today. The following improvements have been made:

Added ability to force shutdown an application

Added ability to force shutdown of the Wowza service

Add cumulative stats for multiserver monitor area

Fixed minor layout issues

Moved “Force Garbage Collection” button in dashboard

Fixed bug in test connectivity area for the applications list

Fixed stream type for live or vod in streams lists

More details on those updates can be found in a detailed blog post here, and a new overview video has been added to the product page. 9 mins of information how Willow works and what it does. More videos will be added soon to cover more details as 9 mins wasn’t nearly enough to cover everything.

Willow has an update out today putting the version at 2.5. The following improvements have been made:

Added ability to edit Application properties in advanced editor for applications

Added ability to change the order of HTTP Providers for the Vhost

Added ability to create an HTTP Provider for STi Streaming Protection product easily

Added the ability to add the default properties to any current application or new application XML file from the Create an Application and Modify an Application area for STi Streaming Protection

Added ability to check for updates of Willow from the settings area

Added the ability to create the application name, type and description in the advanced area of Create an Application area

Fixed Application.xml file for Create an Application area

Fixed the advanced settings area for applications to have the application name, type and description in the XML created and editable

Here is the blog post and screencast about that.