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Wmv to Wowza

Good morning!

I have two doubts:

1 - You can configure the application.xml accept requests for live and on demand?

2 - Can I make wmv transmissions using the Wowza server?

Thank you!

You can only pre-configured one StreamType in Application.xml, but you can change it dynamically per Flash RTMP connection, but not other client types, I don’t think. With Flash RTMP client it can be done client-side or server-side in onConnect. If the Application.xml /StreamType is “default”, change it to “live”:

client-side Actionscript:

nc = new NetConnection();"setStreamType",null,"live");

Server-side in onConnect

public void onConnect(IClient client, RequestFunction function,
		AMFDataList params) {

Wowza does not support wmv. You can use VLC with mms:// input in between. Take a look at the transcode examples at the bottom of this guide:

Replace the rtsp url with mms in the first example, then follow the mpeg-ts guide to re-stream in Wowza.