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WOWZ streaming target

For a project I need Low Latency. Is the WOWZ protocol automatically used in the Wowza Player? As I see no WOWZ streaming target in my interface.

The Wowza Player only supports HTTP-based streaming; and doesn’t support the WOWZ protocol, which is meant to be used between two Wowza servers. If you want low-latency playback, then you could look into WebRTC.

Hey Mark, the Wowza Player does support WOWZ when you use it with the GoCoder SDK, but both are being discontinued. If you didn’t have a license before April 1st, 2020, you won’t be able to get one now. As Karel said, the next best alternative for low latency is webrtc.

Here is the official FAQ page about the announcement to discontinue these products.