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Wowza 2 to redirect RTMP requests to another server

Hi Everyone,

I’m migrating files from one machine to another, both are using Wowza 2.2.4 (can’t migrate to 3.x yet);

Is there a solution for the following:

  1. A client requests a .mp3 thru RTMP from machine #1 (which has some files already and new ones, and can stream them properly)

  2. If the file is not present on machine #1, machine #1 is requesting it from machine #2 (old one) thru RTMP?

Thanks for hints in advance.

You can re-stream from one Wowza server to another using the Live Stream Repeater.

But I’m not sure how to implement the kind of fail-over you describe. There is not a built-in way, and I’m not sure what to suggest.


Thank you, Richard, I’ll have a look at Stream Repeater.