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WOWZA 3.1.1 Server Capacity, connections, streams, etc.

I sent this to the support email, but not getting responses for over 8 hours so thought I would post here.

Assume bandwidth is unlimited.



Quad Core

6Gb ram

Windows 2008 r2

We are currently streaming VOD as live stream using streamschedule.smil. How many streams can WOWZA handle, and how many connections per stream? I need to know this so I can plan for capacity. We are not using the transcoder.

We have a load test tool so you can measure your server and network capacity. To get it, write to There is a document to sign and return


I just don’t know. 100s probably, 1000s maybe. Bandwidth is the usual limiting factor, tho the VPS configuration might impose other limits.


I emailed yesterday, but still have not received a reply. A general limit of streams/connections would suffice. I am just looking for a ballpark, not a pin point number.