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Wowza 4.7, NVIDIA GRID 160Q, hardware acceleration is NOT available

Hello, I can not enable hardware acceleration setting of Wowza Transcoder, I got this log when running Wowza in both standalone mode and system service mode

JNI:TranscoderSession.isCUDAAvailable[_defaultVHost_:live/_definst_/myStream]: NVidia hardware acceleration is NOT available

Here is my vm specs:

Windows server 2016 Datacenter

Nvidia GRID 160Q

Nvidia graphics card driver v348.27

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.4

Anybody gives me some advice?

Microsoft uses Session 0 isolation for Windows services. This prevents access to drivers. The article below will show you how to configure Windows so that Wowza Streaming Engine can access your Nvidia hardware.

I mentioned that Wowza had run in standalone mode from start.bat script and still got this trouble

Please open a ticket via your customer portal so that we can investigate deeper.