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Wowza 4 streaming with dual audio channels

I’m looking for a consultant that can help me with configuring a Wowza 4 server / encoder so that a clients live streaming event can have dual audio streams that can be chosen on the website. I’m the middle man (camera operator and live streamer of the events) on this project, working with the steaming host and the client so that when their members go to the website they can chose which language they will hear, English or Spanish. They have given me a small budget to work with. Their next event is in 2 weeks.

Thank-you for your time and help.


I’ve experience with multi-language solutions in Wowza, and previously successfully implemented solutions with up to 8 languages with a single video stream. Contact me by email or on Skype (ID: karelboek) for more information.

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Karel Boek



We are the official WOWZA consultants in India.

Our team could definitely provide the expertise for multi-lingual configuration support.

You could contact me at or skype me at spark.subhish for more info.

Subhish N


Thank you all who are contacting me.

What I need is a quote. Manuelpl @ma c. com