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Wowza 4 UNC path with different credentials

Hi, we have Wowza 4 running at several server without problems.

but on 1 server I still use wowza 3.6 in application mode.

We use it as a VOD system.

The files are on a networkpath. unfortunally that network path has the same username but a different password, to access it.

so If I run wowza4 as a service with the correct credentials to access the server, it runs, but has no access to the network path.

when I use the credentials to access the network path as credentials to start the server, it won’t start (that’s normal, no valid account)

Is there a way I can get this system working ?

in short :

server (with wowza):

  • user : user1

  • password : password1

    NAS (with the videos) :

  • user : user1

  • password : password2


When running Wowza you will need to be logged into the server using a username that has access to the network path where the content is located so that Wowza can access it. Wowza does not authenticate the network path, it relies on the operating system passing the correct credentials. Dependent on which user is logged in when Wowza is started, Mediacache will or will not have access to the content based on the access of the user.

Because of this you may want to create a new user on the server you’re using to run Wowza that has access to the network path you’re wanting to use as the MediaCache source.