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Wowza access log's event and category


I want to ask some quest about access log’s event and category, I want to know the event’s life cycle, and how many type of category, and what they means.

Thanks a lot



There is a logging chapter in the user guide

Small isolated tests are a good way to understand log files. Start Wowza and connnect with a Flash player, play something, seek and pause if it is vod, stop, disconnect. Now look at the logs starting with x-event “app-start”. Do the same for HTTP or RTSP streaming session.



Sounds right, except “distory” should be “destroy”. If you are following my suggestion you can discover these sequences easily. What you see is what you get in the logs. Just make sure your tests are isolated, discrete tests so that you are sure what sequence/client type you are looking at.


Hi Richard,

Thanks a lot, is it mean the cycle is connect->create->play->stop->distory->disconnect?

And I use iPhone the test the log, why some category is stream, some is cupertino?? I know cupertino is iOS HTTP stream, but how about the stream?? I try Android is like that, some is stream, some is rtsp.



Hi Richard,

I find something strange, I tried use play event and stop event to count the unique IP and unique device, some time is start event’s unique IP/device is more the stop event, and some time is stop event’s more, the different may have up to 50%. I want to how’s make that different? And which one I can trust?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Jason,

Thanks for reply, but my stream is only for mobile (HLS and RTSP only), so should no flash play is connected, and I still got stop event, so strange…



You should use the “onConnect” and “destroy” events to count as users coming and going they are used by every device.

The “stop” event is only called by Flash RTMP, which is why the counting process you have isn’t working as you had intended or may have expected.


Hi Jason/Richard

im also getting different response for http and rtsp requests ( tested with live stream sdp files)

HTTP – connect ->create->play->stop->destroy->disconnect

RTSP – connect ->create->describe->play->play->pause->pause->stop->destroy->disconnect

In case of rtsp there is some strange behavior, the flow follows as below

RTSP – connect ->create ->describe -> unpublish ->destroy ->disconnect

is the issue with device or network or stream? please can you tell me possibilities

Thanks in advance