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Wowza alerts for streaming...


I’m still getting to grips with Wowza, but we have a server now ‘live’ streaming happily.

I’ll like to know if there are any ways of having an administrator alerted to any ‘live’ streams/publishing points going down? Is there an smtp module which can be added to the config in any way? Are there any ways at all to monitor that published streams are streaming content with certain conditions even outside of the Wowza instance?


SNMP is not supported by Wowza (will be great have this option) but you can use JMX for get all this information

Check here for more details:



There is nothing like that built-in, but for RTMP live stream you can build something around the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface.

You would have to add email functionality using Java api.


I think there is confusion here, mistascott you basically want an email alert depending on conditions to be sent ?

SNMP is completely different cdgraff.

Quite an interesting one to look at, if you post up some of your requirements might be interested in knocking something together …

I assume something like

Stream is down for x seconds.

Stream changes state



Hi Shamrock,

Only seen this reply now so apologies for the late reply…

I was kind of hoping that a predefined admin could be alerted if a published live stream stopped after a period of time, like you suggested with x seconds. Also having a notification if new streams were published would be nice as well if possible. nothing too complicated though. :slight_smile: