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Hi Guys,

I have downloaded a trial and i am trying to archive the following. As a web server needs both port 80,443 for SSL I want to know how I go about archiving the following.

I have successfully used and tested using the engine manager interface with a comodo SSL with port 443.

I want to use port 8443 in VHOST.xml and 8090 on engine manager for SSL but it does not seem to work. a firewall is disabled but still, nothing works via SSL but port 8088 works fine.

I have changed and added the tomcat properties also to port 8090 and allows the domain certificate.jks but it’s not loading, do I have to use port 443 in order to use SSL for engine manager.


Can we see the log and the tomcat file?

No you do not have to use port 443 for SSL, but you just can’t use the same port for both SSL and for Engine manager.

You can even change the binding port for Engine manager if you need to.

Feel free to click Support at the top of the page to send us a ticket and we’ll be happy to configure it with you and test it out.