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Wowza and TCS integration

I’m fighting with Wowza Media Server (version 3) and Tandberg Content Server (v4.1) integration. Is there a way to stream an live transmission in WMV format and than transcode it to Flash and H263 (H264). If yes than how?

When I’m selecting Windows Media Format in tandberg (defining template) I cannot select configuration for Wowza.

It is a two part answer.

  1. Wowza Media Server 3 should be compatible with TCS. There is a reference to the Tandberg/Cisco integration guides in this article.

  2. We don’t support Windows Media streaming. The content needs to be H.264 video with MP3 or AAC audio. it can be ingested over one of the Wowza supported protocols - RTSP/RTP (I believe that’s what TCS delivers), RTMP or MPEG-TS. Wowza Transcoder AddOn also does not support WMV.



I’m afraid you can’t…


Hi all,

I am using Wowza Media Server 3 and Cisco TCS v5.2 Build 3222 and have had no issues. I have had the integration in production since WMS 2.2 and TCS 4... You would set it up using the guide mentioned above with any live WMV support through the built in streaming server on TCS. H.264 content will be streamed using the Wowza Media Server and from there it is playable on most devices as long as you have a player. Have you not upgraded to the most current version of TCS?

Why do you need/want Wowza to transcode WMV into something else live? From TCS you can output to live Flash H.264 to Wowza, live QuickTime to QuickTime Server or out to another WM streaming server. You could also use Cisco’s MXE3500 Transcoding engine to capture the live WMV from TCS and transcode to a MPEG-TS if needed for digital signage or IPTV devices that require that format.

My environment is TCS, Wowza(s) 3.0, Show and Share(s), MXE3500(s), and Digital Media Manager(s) with DMPs.



has anyone tested integration Wowza3 with Tandberg Content System? If so could you share some results. Are there any plans for support TCS integration with WMS + transcoder?



I would like to know answers for gregory questions, too:

  1. Is WMS3 still compatible with TCS (Tandberg Content Server) as it was for WMS2?

  2. Are there plans for tighter integration between TCS and WMS, especially: live streaming from TCS in WMV format, transcoded by WMS3 with Transcoder AddOn to H264?

Thanks, J.

Thanks Alex.

Best, J.