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WOWZA and THEOplayer Multiple Audio set up

Hi Wowzies !
We are a live production team and need to set up a multiple audio livestream for one of our clients.
THEOplayer is our choice to do it, as it’s WOWZA choice and also a great player with the perfect feature :

We usually use Matrox Monarch HDX or NEWTEK MediaDS encoders.

My question : how to set up our upstream to WOWZA in order to send a video with multiple audio and let it process it in HLS and feed the THEOplayer ?

Thanks for your help and cheers from Brussels, Europe.


Hi Yan Pierre,

Out of my head; what you probably could do, is send a single video and multiple audio from the encoder to Wowza over MPEG-TS. From there, you can follow the guide in this article to get an HLS stream with multiple audio tracks: