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WOWZA android SDK Android 10 not find all my device camera


I just update my Android device to the last Android 10.

Now all the 4 camera is list with :

CameraManager cm = (CameraManager) getSystemService(CAMERA_SERVICE);String strings[] = cm.getCameraIdList();

But your Android SDK list only 2 cameras : one Front and one Back :

WOWZCamera[] array = goCoderCameraView.getCameras();

So i can’t use my wide angle…

Do you notice this problem ?

I have an Honor 20 Lite.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there @Jeremie PERERA, you are correct, our GoCoder SDK does not support the camera views other than front and back for both iOS and Android. There is no plan to support that in the near future.

I let you know that :

On Samsung Galaxy S10, Android gocoder SDK have acces to the wideangle.

I don’t know why…

The manufacturer may list 3 cameras : 1 front and 2 back

Are you actually able to get a view from the two back cameras? It is my understanding that you can only capture one from the front camera view and one from the back camera view. You are able to switch to the wide view? Keep me posted and thank you. :slight_smile:

I am not looking for get the 2 back running together.

As you know, new device have now 2 or 3 lens on the back.

One of these lens is a wide angle.

And yes, on the test with Samsung galaxy S10, I can switch between :

1 front camera

1 back camera

1 Back wideangle camera

So, your SDK seems to work.

The question is : Manufacturer can prevent the access of some lens ?

I guess that google says that with Android 10, manufacturer have to let the developer access to all the available camera.

But it seems not…

If someone have the answer it would be good :slight_smile:

Ok it seems that your SDK are using Camera class that was deprecated in API level 21

Android developer suggest to user camera2 class.

And it seems to work ! i try and i get all my 4 cameras id. I can then select which camera I want.

But I guess that your sdk is build on Camera class.

I am right ?

Do you plan to change this to offer the opportunity of your developer / user to use all the possibility of teir mobile ?

We have no plans to change this in the future.

I’m sad to read that :frowning: .

For all those want to use an Android SDK that works with Camera2, I will find and test some library to have a lot of possibility to stream and record with the different camera of your device.

Ask me if you are interested :slight_smile:

Hello @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager,

I see in your docs API for Android SDK that you have a WOWZcamera2 class.

I test it with the function

  1. WOWZCamera2[] mCameras2;
    mCameras2 = WOWZCamera2.getAvailableDeviceCameras(this);

And it is working, i can get all my camera.

So, you have the class that handle the Camera2 api.

So why it is not implement yet in WOWZCameraView class ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: