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Wowza C# interop!


I would like call certain Wowza functions from C#. I never used Java before and would appreciate some pointers on what path to choose to achieve this. I have seen that there is a generic ActiveX (COM) wrapper for Java, but in this case I need to access a running instance of the Wowza server to communicate information. I could write a TCP/IP based protocol I guess if everything else fails, but a working COM would be very nice.



Your options for interacting with Wowza from server is HTTProvider or web service:

Or wrapping JMX command line interface:



That’s all I know of.


Dear Richard,

Thanks for links. I have a windows service application which does a lot stuff and would

also need to talk to Wowza. What you suggest:

a.) Using command line interface (JMX), requires ackward parsing of results.

(well, Ok, depends on what you print out).

b.) Using HTTP requires quite a lot of work to implement multiple commands

and responses.

both are less than stellar approaches. This is all there is available??