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Wowza CDN Pricing: Streaming Engine vs. Streaming Cloud

Use Case:

You would like to host a live auction once a week where viewers bid on collectible antiques. Each live auction will stream for two hours and you anticipate about 400 viewers for each live broadcast.

This will require approximately 3,600 GB per month.

To reach more viewers around the world, you’d like to scale your live stream using Wowza CDN.

Wowza Streaming Engine: Add Wowza CDN

If you have an active Streaming Engine account, you can push your live streams to a global audience by adding Wowza CDN to your account.

How much does it cost?

In live streaming, bandwidth is the amount of video and audio information you are capable of sending over a network like the internet in a certain amount of time. Bandwidth is typically measured in bits per second (bps). The Wowza CDN uses a very simple pay-as-you go plan at just $0.055 per GB.

Let’s plug in our numbers from our use case for the live auction.

Our use case requires 3,600 GB per month and the cost is $0.055 per GB, then the cost is calculated as follows:

3600 GB X $0.055 = $198.00 per month

Note: For clarity, let’s just pretend that you sent a live stream to the CDN in Engine, but you had no viewers, there is no charge! You only get charged for the GB’s used for playback from viewers.

If you use more or less than 3600 GB, the cost will be adjusted accordingly. For FAQs and to learn more, visit the Wowza CDN page.

Wowza Streaming Cloud: Built-in CDN

Because Wowza CDN on Fastly is integrated directly with Wowza Streaming Cloud, you don’t need a separate CDN subscription.

How much does it cost?

Wowza Streaming Cloud provides several live-event-based options which allows you to choose the right plan based on your streaming frequency and viewership.

In the image below, we are looking at the plans under the Live Event tab. These plans work well for those who expect to be streaming every month on a regular schedule.

Monthly Live Event Plans:

Because we know we will be streaming our live auction on a monthly basis, we can choose from a monthly or yearly plan. For this example, we will choose a monthly plan.

Once again, our auction use case requires one live broadcast a week that will last two hours for approximately 400 viewers.

So, how do we know which pricing plan to select from the chart?

On the Wowza Pricing page, a calculator is provided that will suggest the right plan once you enter your workflow information.

Let’s do that now.

When I enter the numbers from our use case, the Cloud Pricing Calculator gives me the Recommended Plan with the estimated monthly cost.

Now, we can break down our Monthly usage line by line.

Live Streaming Hours: 8

Live streaming hours is the amount of time your stream is live, from the moment you start your event until you stop it. In our use case, four streams a month at 2 hours each equals a total of 8 hours.

Viewer Hours: 3200

Viewer hours is an estimate of the total time all of your viewers are watching your streams. So, if we had 400 viewers for our live auction and the live broadcast lasted two hours, you would calculate:

400 X 2= 800 Viewing hrs.

We are going to stream once a week or 4 times a month so:

800 X 4 = 3200 total Viewing hrs.

Bandwidth/Hour: 1.13GB/HR

This the approximate amount of bandwidth required per Viewing Hour for the live auction. Remember from the step above that we need 3200 Viewing Hours.

Bandwidth Consumed: 3600 GB

This is the total bandwidth we will use for the 3200 Viewer Hours in our use case. You simply multiply Viewer Hours by Bandwidth/Hour.

3200 X 1.13 = 3616 GB (rounded down to 3600 GB)

Next, let’s look at our Monthly costs and any extra fees:

Recommended Plan: Standard Plan - $199

Additional Live Streaming Hours: $0

  • We did not go over the 50 hrs. included in plan.

Additional Bandwidth: $48

  • The Standard Plan includes approximately 3000 GB.
  • Our total Bandwidth Consumed was 3600 GB.
  • We went over the GB included in our plan by 600 GB.

Wowza charges $0.08 for each additional GB so we calculate it:

600 X $0.08 = $48


Our total cost for the month will be $247.00

That is how you use our Pricing Calculator!

Reminder: This article only covers the live-event pricing plan for monthly subscription.

Additional Cloud Pricing Plans:

Pay- As -You-Go

If you don’t have a regular schedule for live broadcasts, you do not need to select a monthly or yearly plan, just pay as you use it.

This plan lets you pick and choose what you do or do not need for your streaming workflow. As you scroll down the page, you will see different services offered.

Pick from the menu what you will need and the pricing chart for that option is provided.

24x7 Streaming

Wowza Streaming Cloud offers 24x7 pricing which is ideal if you use IP camera feeds for surveillance, traffic cams or OTT live-linear channel broadcasts.

Pay a flat fee per channel and pay-as-you-go for bandwidth. You have the option to choose from either a 24x7 Passthrough stream which is a single bitrate, or you can select 24x7 Transcoding which will create multi-bitrate streams from your single video source.

To learn more about our pricing plans in Wowza Streaming Cloud, please visit our pricing page.

You can also reach us at to discuss the right plan for you.

*These costs are estimates only to assist you with selecting a Wowza Streaming Cloud plan. Bandwidth usage is calculated based on an average bitrate.

Your actual charges will vary based on the selected plan, your usage, number of viewers, and other factors. Pricing does not include recording and is subject to change.