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Wowza chunk duration differs between Live and DVR


I have a Live + DVR application, where cupertinoChunkDurationTarget is set to 10 seconds,

cupertinoMaxChunkCount = 10 and cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount = 3, all default values (i changed it temporarily to 2 sec., but returned to the default values shortly after).

What I see is the follows: the chunk duration of the live stream when I download and play the .ts file is 10 seconds, but if I add the DVR switch, the chunk size becomes 2 seconds. The encoder is set to send a keyframe every 2 seconds, 25 FPS, Baseline 3.1

Is there a different configuration for Live vs DVR chunk duration? My goal in general is not to lower latency, but to create a most “stable” solution with Wowza and Brightcove player



Check this doc