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Wowza Clearcaster - talent view layout don't change


I have an issue with ClearCaster, i can’t change the talent view layout, i already tryed to change the layout from the front panel of the device and from the web console but when i stream on Facebook the layout don’t change…

Someone can help me please?


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community! Talent view refers to the Monitor that can be attached to the ClearCaster, and that Talent view can be then utilized by your on screen “Talent” to respond to comments in real-time by seeing the comments show live on that monitor.

We do have documentation on the use of the Talent view here:

You can open a Wowza ClearCaster Support Ticket online:

You can submit the required information in the Support Ticket form to generate an email message or chat text message, and the next available Wowza ClearCaster Support Engineer will assist you.

Wowza Media Systems also offers 24x7 phone support to ClearCaster users.


Good to know