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Wowza Cloud - Live mpegts

Good afternoon.

I tell you my problem to see if you can help me. I have an address of type tcp://IP:PORT. That IP address is external (it is not my computer nor is it within my network, it is a public address). That address is broadcasting real-time (live) video / audio in MPEG-TS. If I put that address in VLC it reproduces it correctly.

My goal is to use the WOWZA CLOUD platform (CLOUD, not ENGINE) to broadcast that direct (live) to many users, but I can’t get this to work in any way.

Is it possible to do this in WOWZA CLOUD? Can you give me the url of a tutorial?

On the other hand, is it possible to inject a url of this type (MPEG-TS from tcp://IP:PORT) using code (API programming)?

Thank you very much for your time and my apologies for my bad English.

Thanks for your reply.

AFAIK, Wowza Cloud does not support MPEG-TS over TCP input, you would need to set up your own media server to convert from MPEG-TS and then push it to Wowza Cloud.

When you access your Wowza Cloud website and click on “Add Live Stream”, you will see what sources they support. Allegedly they can do MPEG-TS over UDP, but not over TCP.