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Good morning,
I am the owner of a website. We deal with video productions related to motorsport, . Our platform is structured with website, iOS app, Android App and AppleTV App. The ON DEMAND section receives videos from Youtube. Today we would like to insert a LIVE section. Initially it will be intended for some particular sporadic events while the long-term goal is to create a schedule with many live productions over the weekend.
The initial goal is to insert a page on the site (and therefore in the app) called “LIVE” where users will be able to view the live broadcast of a certain event (for example a talk show on motor sports). Until the live broadcast, there will be a screen with the words “There are no live events at the moment”. When LIVE starts, the page will automatically disappear and leave room for the talk show.
I have subscribed to the “Cloud pay as you go” plan and I have read between the documentation of the “Deliver streams to players and targets” section that it is possible to simultaneously transmit on our FB page, on our youtube channel and this is excellent! But we need to get the video stream to the LIVE page of our APP (iOS-Android and Apple TV).

I have to inform my developers of this opportunity for testing. Which product is most suitable? How will live video stream be integrated into our APP? Technically what indication should I give to my developers? Do you have any advice to give me about it? Thanks a lot L.

Thank you for your interest and we can accommodate you on that workflow. Let me have a streaming expert reach out to you through your email to discuss your pricing options. They will need to gather some more information on bandwidth and transcoding required to properly provide the right Wowza path.


If you are looking to integrate a video player into your App for playing your Wowza Streaming Cloud streams, then have a look at the (free!) Wowza GoCoder SDK; see