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Wowza Cloud Outage?

Starting around 18:30 UTC, we’ve stopped being able to make API calls, receiving only 502 errors. has not been updated. Anyone else seeing this issue?

It appears the errors have now cleared.

Hi @Ryan_Johnson there was a short period of time yesterday at 9:00 UTC where we became aware of an issue with the ElasticSearch service which backs the StatsPipeline service. This did cause prolonged and or undelivered usage data to the users and may have resulted in 502 errors on the Usage UI or the API.

It was corrected within 20 min and is no longer an issue. Sorry to hear you were affected by it.

Thanks for the update.

The outage was definitely longer than 20 minutes however: it started around 18:33 UTC and ended around 19:21 UTC.

Needless to say, we’d appreciate being made aware of these errors via so that we can correctly communicate issues with our downstream users. It appears this incident was still not reported there.

Yes, I agree and will ask the Cloud team about that. I meant to say that the Cloud team let me know they were able to fix it within 20 minutes of them being aware of it and not to imply it wasn’t an issue for a longer period of time. Regardless, it requires we take a closer look at it and I will request the Cloud team please do so.

These are issues we do strive to make known as soon as possible in the status page. Apologies…