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We have been using wowza cloud for livestream for a few events now, and we have used the API to stop and start livestreams.

I have a few wishes/concerns, which it could be cool if a wowza employee could answer

1: Autoplay on the player. Most other livestream services have it. Could it be possible to open for that option. I know it might will cause issues in some browsers.

2: Autoplay when the livestream starts. If I have a livestream that starts at 8, and I start to broadcast a few minutes to 8, then users which have tried to start the livestream at 7:45, gets an error, and have to refresh the whole page. The player should autodetect that the livestream have started, and automatically start viewing.

3: Some API call/changes, require us to contact support for them to take effect. Will this change?

4: When will DVR come?

5: Loop an VOD video until the livestream starts broadcasting, and again autodetection from the player that the broadcast have started.

  1. Is there a roadmap for future changes for the cloud livestream platform?

Best regards


Hello Jimmy,

Responses below:

  1. The autoplay feature in Wowza Player has been disabled to prevent playback issues in some web browsers. Viewers must manually start playback on all platforms. There’s no solution at this time as this is related to browser autoplay policy changes.

  2. Wowza Player will not continually request the m3u8 manifest by default in the provided Wowza Cloud generated Wowza Player. If it is request and a 404 response is received, it will reveal an error in the player window. No auto detect option is planned at this time. However, you can use the Wowza Player Builder and customize this yourself. Please review the API article here.

  3. At this time the current limits in place stand. If you have additional questions about this, please contact Wowza Support directly. Here is the Wowza Cloud API Limits article for reference.

  4. DVR is a backlogged feature request with no current timeline for development.

  5. Loop until live is a backlogged feature as well. No timeline assigned for development. I would suggest in the interim using a switcher (hardware or software) to send a looped vod and then switch to the live content when ready.

6.Currently, we have no published roadmap available for review.