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Wowza Cloud Recording Exclamation Point? Frame Rates? Audio rates?

Completed with exclamation point … what does that mean? I used MediaInfo to compare this recording with another recording from the same event. One was recorded at 24 fps the other 30 fps, why? Why are audio rates different and non standard? Thank you.

Also, under “Topics” for this post I tried to enter “Recording” and apparently if you’re asking about Wowza Cloud there is NO topic for recording. That seems wrong…

Hi Randy,

To further evaluate this issue we would like for you to open a new Support Ticket.

At which point we can review your account along with the streaming logs and recordings to gain a better understanding of how the issue came about.



You can just type in a new topic and it will be added to the list of topics under Wowza Cloud section. I have updated the post with the “recording” topic.