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Wowza cloud sandbox api


I’d like to ask about sandbox for wowza cloud …

when i try to make a call through api to create live stream i get this error:


"meta": {

    "status": 503,

    "code": "ERR-503-NotAvailableInLocation",

    "title": "Not Available In Location Error",

    "message": "No domain name resources are available at this time. Try again later.",

    "description": ""


how can i fix it?

thank you.

Not 100%, but could it be that the functionality you’re trying to use isn’t available in the selected region or not available in the Sandbox? What is the API that you’re calling?

url: ‘’’,

// headers: { “Content-Type”: “application/json”,“wsc-api-key”:"…" // ,“wsc-access-key”:"…",“description”:…"},

data: {
“live_stream”: {
“aspect_ratio_height”: 720,
“aspect_ratio_width”: 1280,
“billing_mode”: “pay_as_you_go”,
“broadcast_location”: “us_west_california”,
“delivery_method”: “push”,
“encoder”: “other_rtmp”,
“transcoder_type”: “transcoded”,
“disable_authentication”: true,


this is my api content

Are you trying to GET the Live Stream or trying to create a new Live Stream? Your sample doesn’t show GET or POST. Out of my head, if you’re trying to POST then I wouldn’t expect the “id” parameter to be there as typically the id is assigned by WSC and returned to you in the response.

According to the documentation; the correct sandbox URL is different from what you used - but I’ve sometimes seen that the documentation is outdated (CC: @Rose_Power_Wowza_Com)

Here’s the API reference:

my axios methods is POST to create a livestream.
even though trying create a live stream from UI of sandbox, I get this error :
There was a problem creating your live stream. Review your settings and try again. No domain name resources are available at this time. Try again later.

… you can see it picture…

and i great new account with deffrent country but still the same problem …
do i have to install wowza stream engine ?!!!