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Wowza cloud Token with akamai php page

I want to protect my stream with generating token I try akamai_token php demo file here have space to put

protected $algo = “SHA256”;
protected $ip = ‘’;
protected $start_time = 0;
protected $window = 300;
protected $acl = ‘’;
protected $url = ‘’;
protected $session_id = ‘’;
protected $data = ‘’;
protected $salt = ‘’;
protected $key = ‘aabbccddeeff00112233445566778899’;
protected $field_delimiter = ‘~’;

Its confusing me to am not get this all value on wowza cloud dashbord. My stream authorization are enable so I have this secret and playback url I dont know here need to put this and what also need more to create token can you please provide me a proper solution Like a ready php full code where you are generating the token you can mark point where i need to change with my stream details it will be helpful . I want to generate and play stream on php page. I think i will get help Thanks

Guys Please provide me proper solution Loving that community so much.

Hello @Hasan Ali,

Can you let us know what exactly you are having the issue with there?

I am attaching a readme file that explains in a bit of details onreadme.txt how to use the included examples.

Akamai also has a support article for these examples that generate the token here:

Hope this helps.

Alex C.

Wowza Support