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Wowza Cloud WebRTC - Recorded mp4 Video only has an audio

There’s this unfamiliar bug I’m trying to fix with the WebRTC example.

When i turned on the VOD Stream and Recording, Recorded mp4 video has no video but has the audio. And VOD Stream has both audio and video.

Can anyone here help me what i’m doing wrong? I’m using the WSC WebRTC example on github.

I can try to help. Can we clarify your workflow? You are sending a live stream to Wowza over WebRTC and you are trying to record that once you convert it to HLS? What codec for video? What browser and is it the latest version for your webrtc broadcast?


  • The WebRTC publish page isn’t supported on Firefox.
  • If you’re using your own implementation of webrtc outside of the example, the WebRTC example must be hosted on a web server (for example, Apache HTTP Server) that uses SSL encryption.

And what do your logs say? Anything that may be helpful to us for troubleshooting?

Here is a video tutorial as well if that helps:


I am publish video to wowza over webrtc, in recorded mp4 files is only video, there is no audio on recording, can you please help?

My codec settings is as per below settings.

What setting i need to do for mp4 recording with audio and video?


For regular live and unrecorded WebRTC with H264 @Ketan Bhimani, we suggest Opus as the audio codec as you correctly show. But if you want to record that WebRTC stream, the Opus has to be transcoded to AAC for playback. The mp4 container will require AAC for that recorded stream to play the audio. That’s why your recorded stream won’t play audio.

Both your source stream and your transcoded stream with AAC audio will be recorded, but only the transcoded stream with the AAC will be usable.

Here is the doc that explains recording webrtc and the need to convert the audio to AAC for mp4 playback:

Hope that solves it for you. You’ll need to use the Engine transcoder to create a stream that’s recorded with AAC.