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Wowza Community Member of the Month- Egbert Williams!

Egbert took the initiative to walk a community member through their SRT issues sharing url examples and even testing their stream for them. This is incredible support for a fellow live-streamer and the type of effort we want to celebrate! This is greatly appreciated as we have thousand of users searching the forums each month for an answer to their streaming question.

As a thank you, we will be sending a $100 gift card to Egbert.

We appreciate all of you in the forums and I look forward to recognizing a member next month for their contribution to the community.

***Here is Egbert’s post:

Thanks Egbert!!

Rose Power

Wowza Developer Community Manager

Thank you for being so active and helpful in our forums @Egbert Williams! Your assistance and knowledge is valued and truly appreciated.

Mac Hill
Sr. Manager
Wowza Support

Much appreciated …Thank you.

Thank you Egbert!