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Wowza Community Member of the Month- Mikhail Kartashov

Mikhail needed to restore some settings after application restart with the onAppStart function within the Wowza Streaming Engine JAVA API. In his efforts to find a way to autostart applications and not restart the server, he shared the code with the community that ended up being a solution for him.

As a thank you, we will be sending a $100 gift card to Mikhail.

We appreciate all of you in the forums and I look forward to recognizing a member next month for their contribution to the community.

***Here is Mikhail’s post:

Thanks Mikhail!! @mikhail Kartashov

Rose Power

Wowza Developer Community Manager

Thanks @mikhail Kartashov for your contribution to the community!

Outstanding @mikhail Kartashov !

Congrats @mikhail Kartashov and thank you for your contribution to our community!