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Wowza Consultant needed

I have an headend IPTV gateway, which provides 100 channels MPEG 2 TS. I want to transcode the channels and re-issue the stream back to my gateway for broadcast to my STB. Can anyone help with wowza configuration, as i want to use it for trancoding.

Hello there … contact me at so we can discuss in detail your needs.

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you’ll need something like a small transcoding cluster… i can probably help with that.

contact me here: rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com


Although I’m not from Australia, I’m confident that I can help you in this matter. You wouldn’t be my first customer from down-under, but more importantly, I’ve got other active projects with similar configurations. I’m familiar with handling the amount of channels, as well as setting up a transcoder workflow. I’ll happily advise you, and help you with the setup and configuration of a suitable solution. For 100+ channels, there may be other interesting transcoders than Wowza.

Don’t hesitate to contact me on Skype (karelboek) or by email.

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Karel Boek


Just to clarify; my system only accepts TS over http or HLS. Source is MPEG2 TS http stream at a 3.5 - 4.5Mbps bitrate and would need it to be transcoded to approx 1Mbps as HLS http stream. I have 100 streams that need to be transcoded. Need help with the setup and the configuration. Any consultants here from Australia?

Most of the consultants that responded could not start work immediately. Is there anyone that can start work immediately?