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Wowza didn't start due to license server connection problem


Recently we have encountered several times wowza didn’t start issue after reboot our VM servers, the error messages are :

ERROR server comment 2017-01-12 07:29:00 - - - - - 34.168 - - - - - - - - The Wowza Media Systems Software licensing system was not able to connect to the licensing server to validate your license. Please validate that your machine is able to send HTTP data over TCP port 80 to the Internet. If this problem persists, please visit for up to date information.

ERROR server comment 2017-01-12 07:29:00 - - - - - 34.184 - - - - - - - - system.exit[2]

Could you make your license checker more network fault tolerant? ( f.e. do some retry attempt )

Currently we are looking to implement some monitoring program to restart the server if the streaming engine didn’t start.




Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

Thanks for the feedback. We will take that into consideration.

Regarding your issue, looks like the server was offline and not on the internet after starting up from a reboot, per the error you attached. You should review the article mentioned and go through those troubleshooting steps to mitigate the issue.

Start Up Licensing Errors Troubleshooting



I had the same problem. Running ubuntu.

How did you resolve this?

In case someone else has the same issue, below is my (ugly) fix. Adding this entry to crontab restarts the streaming engine 15 seconds after boot. That was good enough for my network connection to settle.

# restart wowza streaming engine after a 15 second delay for DHCP to settle
@reboot   sleep 15; sudo systemctl restart WowzaStreamingEngine.service

A more proper fix would delay starting the wowza services until network connection is stable. Better yet, the license server retry as suggested by the OP.

Thanks for posting this as a solution Ben.