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Wowza DRM & Cloudfront Distribution


My streaming reached 100TB monthly via Cloudfront and I would like to protect them with DRM solution but also using Cloudfront. Can it be done ? I’m using exclusively Amazon AWS for my deployment and for the next project I’ll handle 15 incoming HD channels, transcode and distribute via AWS.

Thank you.

Azril Nazli Alias

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This should be possible. You will need to enable the Wowza DRM feature which is able to integrate several DRM service providers and you can have your live and vod streams encrypted using the DRM key provided by these service providers.

Cloudfront can request the encrypted media chunks, cache them locally and serve them to playback clients. These playback clients can use the DRM provided player in order to de-crypt the content they receive.

Please take a look at the Wowza DRM overview forum article for more info on integrating the DRM setup.