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Wowza/Flex AV Chat example

It didn’t load for me. I’m not sure what the problem could be. It is an as-is example. If you want to extend it and do not know Flash/Flex (Actionscript 3) you will have to look for a Flash and Wowza developer. We have a list of independent consultants that you can get by sending request to


The developer license is limited to one published stream, so that is probably the issue to begin with. You need a eval, subscription, perpetual or EC2 devpay license.


What, this old Flex example? It’s here for free.


Sorry, my fault, it was on a server of mine that was terminated by AWS because the instance type (32bit m1-small) was deprecated. I will have to dig it up and post it somewhere else.


I found it and attached it to this post


You’re welcome. Enjoy.



This is really just an example, a starting place and/or reference for development. It is very basic, there is not a newer version of it. For production chat system take look at these options, which all work with Wowza:


Sorry, that’s a defunct domain, but I attached the same files to the top of this thread


I overlooked your instruction to restart the server. Once done, it now works on my server. The only item I would want to change is to have the software point to my demain when it loads rather than defaulting to your. I suspect I can change that somewhere without the need to modify the flex???

I’ve only tested it locally but will put a page on my site and test it from there next.

Thank you so much for your effort - Jimb

Thanks again for more information. I did download the package and tried using the new AVChat.swf In my case it did not work.

I’m sure it’s due to my configuration. My personal website is on a hosting service but the Wowza server is located here on my LAN. I’ve simply created an additional DNS record that points to the fixed I/P address at my location and then have my router send all port 1935 traffic to the computer running the Wowza server.

I’ll just explain to my friends that they need to replace your RTMP address with mine. This will work very nicely for me for now

Regards - Jimb

Richard, did you take a look to Adobe Flash Collaboration Service (formerly “Cocomo”) ? What do you think about ?

My bad, I thought your example was to handle chat rooms with lots of guests. That’s why I told you about AFCS …

Do you happen to still have the chat’s fla file? I am trying to make a similar application but one that has several video boxes at once. Thanks.

Ahhhh. I dont have flex. Guess I can try the demo. The part I really wanted to try and utilize was your part where it keeps track of the users connected. I was going to use a bit of PHP and flash vars to feed in this info but obviously that is not a very good solution but my java skills are 0.

This would allow me to populate the cameras on this page properly.

(There are 2 publish buttons the top actually publishes your camera the bottom subscribes to the other cameras (currently locked to names cam1 cam2 etc.)

This version does not function properly yet without a webcam.

The basic thing I am trying for is to allow up to 7 people join a room and provide a name. Once in it connect and then starts the stream of anyone else in the room so they can hear one another (could be less if there is a performance issue). A bonus would be to include a text chat as well. This is more of a friends and family type project not one to re-sell but share.

I have the code working and it works great, but I was wondering what would it take for one user in the app to be connected to one server and another connected to another? For isntance, I have 2 servers behind a load balancer and one user would connect to one and the other would connect to the other possibly but the outward facing URL would stay the same. I hope this makes since. It would be the same as if I had someone connect to local servers that are across country.

Any help would be great.


I guess it is what it is. It seems there would be a way to bridge them together or something, or make the other viewers view the stream that they are connected to. I will see if I can figure it out unless someone else has accomplished this.


Does anyone by chance have an example of how to add textchat to this avchat application? I do not have the source from the textchat int he examples or could probably back into it from that if it was flex or had the actionscipt source.

Thanks for any help.


I am a java nothing and wondered if the componenet for this app already had a parameter to accept the username that I capture upon connection? If not how hard is it to add that parameter so that I can pull back the username as connected users instead of just the clientid.

Any help would be great.


Ok so the first code is the flex code and the second is code to add to your java file? What I was hoping is to pass it as a parameter and get it from the sync event from the shared object so I can create an array and present connected users list with real names instead of just numbers. Is that what this will do?


I understand, this is the example I am using and have added on to. Just did not know if the lakeside java module was already able to accept a parameter to the connectedUsersSo so that I could pass username with the connection string with the connect or how I would add that to be stored in the shared object if it does not already so that I can pull it back in the array on the sync event instead of clientid.

I hope that makes sense. Just do not know much Java so seeing if anyone can help.