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Wowza GoCoder does not work for a week

Hello Wowza GoCoder does not work for a week, can you check please? I could connect live streaming from my android telephone in the past, but for 1 week it does not connect… I tried so many server, none of them connect… It seems like connected at the phone, but only dark screen appears at the player…

Yes, I will look into it right now and see if there are any issues. Thank you and I will let you know.

Are you getting a certain error that may be helpful to us? Which device and player are you using? Thank you.

I tried with a lot of android phones, tried with a lot of servers, dark screen appears at all at the player, in the past i could stream easily. At the phone it seems connected, but at the player i can not see the streaming. You will see when you test Rose.

We aren’t able to view anything to test. That url you posted goes to the main page on the app store? We are not seeing any issues or having any tickets come in. The engineers have tested it on Android and it works ok.

You can submit a support ticket if you want then to look more closely at what is happening with your situation. Sorry, we aren’t able to tell from the forum.