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Wowza GoCoder SDK in Unity

Hi there, I want use Wowza in my Unity project. Do you have plugins for it or examples?

Hi Dima, I believe we used to have a plugin with Unity but I do not believe it is supported at this time. Have you tried using the built in video player component? This is on my list of things to dig into, but I haven’t had a chance.

My best advice is to make sure the file is in a compatible format and protocol -

Please let us know if you get this working, and I’ll do the same if I have a chance to work on this.

Hi @Dima Demchenko, I took at look at this today and the Unity video player isn’t going to work. There are a number of for-fee assets that appear to do video playback. So you could build out your workflow with Wowza Streaming Cloud or Wowza Streaming Engine, and then use an asset that’s compatible with your protocol.

On my own I got AVPro Video working with their free trial version. I used an IP camera in Wowza Streaming Cloud and took the HLS playback URL, plugged that into the fullscreen prefab that AVPro Video provided and got that working when deployed on iOS. It did not look like it was working in the editor (flickering, staggered frames) but its smooth and nice on iOS. Maybe give that a try? Please keep in mind we do not formally support this, so if you have issues with this or any other asset you’ll need to seek their help.

Again, let us know if you get something working! We do have folks that ask about Unity, so the more that ask the higher we prioritize this.

Hi @Amara Graham, thanks alot for information!

Small instruction what we do:

I used to “” for start stream and at response data we have “player_hls_playback_url”: “*****” After that I used AVProPlayer prefab and play stream, evrething works fine!

But stay question: How we can do broadcast from Unity to Wowza? In my plans, do video stream from Unity scene.

Hi Dima,

Glad that worked for you!

When you broadcast from Unity to Wowza, what is your video input? A webcam? The scene itself? For either, you will need an encoding solution like OBS locally on the machine, then send it to Wowza Streaming Cloud via RTMP like this - (UI instructions, if I find good API instructions I will update my post).