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Wowza [http://server:port] is not opening in browser


I have installed Trial version of Wowza Streaming Engine in my personal laptop which has Windows 10 as OS. I created Live Application. My Wowza is running on server - and port - 1935.

I downloaded GoCoder from Play Store and configured in my Android Mobile. I followed documentation and provided all the correct information to connect Wowza Streaming Engine from Mobile.Whenever I try to record then it is saying “Could not open connection to

I try to open “” from browser and expect to get Wowza Version number but the page continue to load and never return anything.

I user PortQuery UI to check if 1935 port is opened and I get following response:-

TCP port 1935 (unknown service): LISTENING

I turned off WIndows Firewall as well as my laptop antivirus but the result is same.

I checked that services “Wowza Streaming Engine 4.6.0” and “Wowza Streaming Engine Manager 4.6.0” are up and running.

I test using test players to play sample.mp4 which comes default as part of Wowza Streaming but the video and audio did not run and show black screen in all Payback Types.

Can anyone help me on this?

I will answer my own question. The findings from my side will be helpful for anyone who start their life in Wowza:-

you may have to clear your cache