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Wowza HTTPS stream is to slow using Amazon Cloudfront


We’ve bought Wowza Streaming Engine 4: Pro Edition in AWS (c4.xlarge instance) and configured Amazon Cloudfront distribution to work with the Wowza instance.

Aplication is created as “Live HTTP Origin”, suggested as the best one working with Amazon Cloudfront (Transcoding option is enabled). Using Wirecast to send simple stream to rtmp endpoint, and Http stream url in browser is working great. But from some reason HTTPS stream url is working very, very slow and laggy in regard to HTTP stream url.

HTTP stream url is working as expected (streams are not live now, just providing sample urls):

HTTPS of the same URL is working (when it works) very slow and buggy:

We’we tried to execute this: with none visible improvements to the https stream.

Usually it takes to long for the first response to load, and than when it eventually loads, stream wont start for a while (or never). When it does start, it is significantly slower than the one on HTTP. (One client only). Response headers are showing that it is going “through” the cloudfront.

Is there any more insights or documentation (logs) what could slow down HTTPS connection dramatically or what should we do to speed the HTTPS response?