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Wowza integration into mobile app for live streaming feature

We are looking to get some help / consult / support - with live streaming in a mobile app.

We would like to use Amazon as the hosting environment and we want the mobile app to allow streaming up as well as when done providing the file as ‘pre-recorded’ for playback to others after the event is done.

We already have a demonstration and working version of simple prototype in our app and it works. We are looking for Wowza expertise to help us quickly set up a more production ready version as well as help us navigate the available feature sets of Wowza to quickly qualify what is possible / what is not possible / what is worth using etc. For instance one question was can we get live-stream viewer count- for each stream? and provide this data easily to our app? So someone watching a live stream can see how many other viewers are watching at once? Updated live?

This is a mobile app that is on iOS as well as Android for now. The back end we would prefer to use Amazon - the definition is not set for what instance types or flavors are needed - consultant can help us define this. Our core application is not on Amazon however - so live video stream services is separate from our main application hosting. We have experience doing video and live stream stuff - but we want someone who is expert on Wowza… as our previous experience was Red5… you guys remember that one? :wink:

We would like to get info and ideas as quickly as possible and we are looking for someone / team that can help us continually afterwards for this. Id like to get answers quickly so please send us your info and lets talk soon!