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Wowza IP addresses which push the live streams

I would like to know if there a list of wowza cdn ip addresses which push livestream.

We have a client (a school) who would like to configure their internet to prioritize download on those ip address to be sure to have the best experience during a livesstream

Thank you

Hello @David_Joyal-Morin, not sure, but it sounds like you’re looking for IP addresses to whitelist/allow on your network. Cloud uses dynamic IP addresses, not static ones unfortunately. For pushing, we assign the IP when the instance is started. There is not a static range we can provide for you.

What we recommend is to whitelist the hostname rather than the IP on the firewall side. This is because once a Transcoder is created, its hostname remains fixed and it gets mapped to the actual IP every time the latter is generated (upon each Transcoder restart). Each live stream has a unique hostname and do not expire. You can also whitelist /enable

If you’d like some help on this workflow, please submit a support ticket and an engineer will gladly help you get it set up properly for the client/school.