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WOWZA Java Heap Memory Always High!


In our WOWZA Streaming Engine(4.1.2), server monitor, from last 6 days Wowza Heap size is been using almost its full capacity 9.3GB.(out of 10GB),

Also having event like “Heap after GC invocations=92998 (full 292):full 286” event in GC log .

The concurrent user is almost like 200-300 (80% HLS clients) And Server is Still working fine.

My question is, Are this normal behavior of WOWZA Engine?

We are not running any LIVE applications .

Please Note:

Our current system setting is

Java Heap size 10GB

Java garbage collection G1

Our system is

■OS Centos 6.6

■CPU Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2650 0 @ 2.00GHz2 physical CPU(TOTAL 32 Core)

■Memory 32GiB

■Storage:Windowserver2012 mounted (2Gibps (Bonding act-act)in to

Linux(50TB) Protocol : CIFS

■Streaming Network: 2Gibps (Bonding act-act)

Any hint or ideas would be highly appreciated.



If Wowza is working fine and you are not getting any Java Heap out of memory messages in your access logs then I’d be inclined not to be too concerned about this. You can look changing the garbage collection settings, as described in our tuning article and see if that helps, but generally the default settings are recommended.


Hi Paul

Thank you so much for your comment.

At this point we are not getting such like that memory Error.

Digicon, from your last comment it is hard to tell if you are still having an issue or if this is resolved. Can you please clarify?



I am also facing the same issue, removed some modules for verfying as adviced by wowza support still heap size getting full.