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hi i am tyring to get the html example presentation to work. in order for this to work i need to put these file into my assets package // wowza.css / .???the wowza.js . where can i fine it

thanks in advance

For reference, you are referring to this guide:

In the Wowza IDE, create a top level package named “assets” where you are going to store these items.


I don’t have one, I just added that as an example. You can create any .js file, plain text file with javascript functions.


With a text editor. You don’t need a .js file necessarily. I was just showing how you might include one. If you don’t know how to make one, you probably don’t need it.


hi richard where can i find or locate the wowza.js .i alredy have the wowza .css & the into my assets. but i cannot fine the wowza.js to add to the assets

thanks once again richard >but how to create the plain tex file with the javascript functions for a wowza.js ?