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Wowza live MP4 files cannot be played

I am using wowza to develop a video distribution system.

The video distribution system uses Wowza Streaming Engine Version 4.7.7/Wowza Streaming Engine Manager Version 4.7.7.

Video will be distributed using GStreamer from the Linux PC to the server running Wowza, and an MP4 file will be created by Wowza Live at the end of the distribution.

Most of the created MP4 files could be played, but some MP4 files could not be played.

I am using Windows Media Player 12 to make sure that the MP4 file can be played.

I think the MP4 files that couldn’t be played failed to be created by Wowza Live.

Does Wowza Live sometimes fail to create MP4 files?

Also, is there any way to solve the MP4 file creation failure?

Please let me know if you need more details/logs.

Hi Taiga, please submit a support ticket so the team can look at your logs and other information to assist with debugging.

Please keep in mind only H.264, AAC, and MP3 content can be recorded to an MP4 container. More info on protocols and formats can be found here -

Thanks for the information Amara.

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Please refer to our wowza documentation for more info.

We also have blogs to explain our accepted protocols.