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Wowza Live Stream working on Local Network But Not Over Internet

My local network computer running Wowza has local IP address of 192.x.x.x.x and I have assigned port forwarding on my router so that all external requests from the internet to port 1935 are directed to this local IP and its working fine on my local ip address I can view the stream in VLC Player via rtsp, http on other computers on my local network but it is not visible to external computers via the internet. I asked a friend to connect from an external location over the internet and they got message video cannot be played

I suspect this is an issue with mixed streaming content and mixing HTTP with browsers that are looking for HTTPS. Are you using SSL at all for streaming @bilal hocapps?

hello @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

i dont know what i am using for streaming. if i am using ssl so how can i disable ssl?

i trubleshoot with wowza and my all ports working fine

Check listening ports on Windows

Open Command Prompt and run the command:

netstat -an | findstr “1935 8088”

but my streaming is not working on public ap address

I would submit a support ticket so we can make sure you have this all configured correctly. You may not want to disable it if it is an https source. I think it would be best to have our engineers walk you through this. They don’t debug in the forums. Don’t worry, we’ll get it figured out for you!

You can so a support ticket here even if you are on a trial license.

okay thanx but contact with me