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Wowza Live streaming issues

I have to add live video streaming in one of my apps; I am using Wowza Streaming Cloud for the same. I am using the REST API to make it as my requirement.

The flow I had used is:

  1. Create a stream
  2. Start stream
  3. Check status unless it is “started”
  4. if the status is started, I start broadcasting audio.

It goes well sometimes, but sometimes when I try to broadcast even after starting the stream, it says:

Status is idle, An error occurred when trying to connect to host: (code = 15)<br>

For Broadcasting I had used GoCoder SDK wherein I set all of the properties like host address, port, app name, stream name, etc.

Do I have to set bitrate or anything? Where am I wrong?

  1. Can I see what you are entering for the host address in the SDK settings? I will attach an image to show how it should be entered.

  2. Or the issue you are referencing is caused by the transcoder not being online/available when the GoCoder app is attempting to publish. The DNS name has not resolved to an IP address and it is failing to connect. You can poll the transcoder to see when an IP has been assigned:

I hope this clarifies and helps.

Hello @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

I will share for my wowza cloud stream create to start process doc link.

I listed all logs for Create stream, start the stream, getTranscoderState, Stream State API’s and also add goCoder configuration code

I hope you need all information about stream I will add this doc.

Do you mean I used ip_address for given response in getTranscoderAPI?