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Wowza Local Server with Amazon CloudFront


We would like to Setup a Wowza server locally (origin) and use Amazon CloudFront to deliver the data. I have seen many examples which shows setting up EC2 instance and configuring that but none of them tells if its possible to use Amazon CloudFront to point to our local Wowza Server and deliver the content using Caching mechanism.

Basically here is the requirement :

  1. Setup a local Wowza Server and have a domain name allocated to it.

  2. Store the Content to S3

  3. Setup a CloudFront and Create Distribution which uses the domain name specified in Step 1.

  4. Deliver the video using CloudFront URL.

I have tried to do all this and if I use cloudfront url (directly), it goes to our domain name. And if I use domain:8088 it does open wowza server on domain name.

But its not able to deliver video by using cloudfront url. I did try to create vodhttporigin but it didn’t help.

Could you guide me, where I am doing wrong ?

Also, I see that in Amazon CloudFront we can just create Web Distrubution to point to local wowza server via domain name but creating RTMP distrubtion is not allowed because its allowed only for S3. In such a case how do I deliver it via rtmp ? Also do I need to use same port 1935 for hls/hds delivery ?

Example :

  1. -> Mapped to -> Works -> Works

Via JWPlayer -> Works

  1. CloudFront distribution created and mapped to -> Works and points to

Via JWPlayer -> Does not Work

Please help.



There’s no reason why this shouldn’t work. The only downside is you won’t have the benefit of the amazon backbone network.

The Wowza Streaming Engine can be configured independently as a HTTP Caching Origin.

I would also take a look at the troubleshooting guide here

RTMP Streams have to be streamed directly from the Wowza Streaming Engine, so the playback URL needs to be addressed to the origin server in the traditional way.