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Wowza Media Server 3 concurrent connection test Tool

Dear All

I want to test Wowza Media Server 3 simultaneous Max Conncurrent connections .

What tool can do it .

Because My project requirement need to provide a Wowza Media Server 3(origin server) Max Connections and condition is that the Wowza Media Server 3(origin server) CPU resource can’t exceed 60 % .

Thank you


Hi David,

See this link for how to request the load test tool:

JasonH and david,

I wouldn’t say the loadtest tool completely useless. It will still help you test CPU load, disk thoroughput/load, and your network. The amount of work done is approximately “Order (x)” for all these metrics for both RTMP and Smooth. So, numRTMPClients is proportional to numSmoothClients.

Does that make sense?


You’re correct that tool won’t work for you I’m afraid


Hi randall

If My project is IIS Smooth Stream . Is it Work ? Because you suggest tool that it use in a Flash RTMP Testing .

Thank you

Dear randall

Yes , You are right . I have to change my test plan .