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Wowza memory issue

HI ,

We are facing Memmory issues with Wowza Media Server 3.6.4 build9641 . We have 16 GB installed in the server. Given Java heap Memmory as 8000. Once we start the server it will work fine with a use age of 50 % or less than of the total system memmory. Gradually the memmory usage will increase in the same circumstances and server fails in every 12 hours because of the same issue. WE have checked all other possibilities but can’t fond any issue in the hard ware level. 3 of our servers having the same issue but each have different load ie, two servers had < 50 connections and one had >150 connections at a time. As i checked wowza error log only found Java out of memmory error but why it takes too much memmory also we have installed Java 6 all these servers.


If you want, I can take a look at your server(s), analyze the issue and search for a solution together with you. Please contact me by email or on Skype (id: karelboek)

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Karel Boek



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Subhish N