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Wowza Monitoring: Hard Drive Space - Change Drive


I have a debian linux Wowza server with 2 internal HDD. On the internal SSD drive, where the OS is stored, is the installation for Wowza, however, all the VOD content, DVR cache, and recorded files stay on a secondary 1TB drive thats NTFS.

How can I change the monitor in Wowza to report the HD space for either JUST the 1TB drive or total space between them.

They are not part of the same Logical Volume Group.

/dev/sda is the OS/Wowza drive

/dev/sdb1 is the VOD drive I want to monitor.



It is currently not possible to monitor just the content drive. The Wowza monitor bar chart is only capable of showing “Total Disk” usage, not Wowza disk usage.

There isn’t a way to configure it for individual drives.


Sorry for SUCH a late reply; so the disk usage is showing usage for ALL drives? Or just the C: drive? (Or in my case of Debian, ‘sda1’)

Dear SETVproducer,

I also have the same issue. For me it will be useful if I can monitor both (or more) drives via Streaming Engine Manager. My workaround is a cronjob file which checks the used disk space. If used disk space is more than e.g. 70% it will send an info mail to me. It works fine for me, maybe it is also useful for you.

best regards, Anton

Hello SETVproducer,

I hope this finds you well. In terms of usage for ALL drives. If you calculate your total disk space of the two internal drives and Streaming Engine Manager interface is showing the same total then it is likely it is reporting back on all drives installed. If it isn’t displaying the total of the two drives it will be showing the sda device as a result.

I’d recommend looking into alternative methods of monitoring the disk usage e.g. Nagios I have used to great effect in the past, however you’ll be looking at additional costs. But it might be worth it eventually given the flexibility it will give you for monitoring and the different alert functionality it will provide. Let alone peace of mind knowing systems are being checked. Wowza is create for what is does as a primary function, but in terms of alerting/monitoring tools I would look down other avenues. Depending on the business requirements/costs though that might not be a viable option.

Alternatively you could as AntonT mentioned earlier. Create a cron job running a script that checks the disk space at whatever timing intervals you choose to do so. By googling “Debian Monitor Disk Usage Script Email Alert” will provide you with some valuable information on how to do this.

Hope that may have been of some help.